Square Baler

Agromaster square Balers are excellent straw and hay collecting equipments. Optimum desing, superior parameters, a long useful life and reliable operations: All these features are the reason why Agromaster has been manufacturing the convertional pick-up balers. Regular desing updating and improvement makes this offer remain attractive on domestic and international market. The proprietary balanced crank & piston system allows for the elimination of harmful vibrations, affecting both the operator and the tractor, and improve labour conditions. The Z-511 model is equipped with a hydraulic pick-up lifting system.

*It is equiped with bale press cabinet durable against overloadings.
*It can even work with 30 hp tractors.
*Collects the field surface flawlessly.
*It's both light and highly balanced.

Smooth and proper bales
Baler machine, binds faultlessly, bales adjustable from 0,3 meters to 1,3 meters protecting their rectangular side shapes. Tight and strong junction process, helps a smooth transport of bales.

Material feeding
In the entrance side even in case of extreme material loading, the material stream on collection auger and feeding unit keeps smoothly and without any jamming.

Pression intensity
Wide material collection opening and proper material pression assures all the bales to have the same density.

Faultless binding system
Knotter unit situated on our machine, is provided by RASSPE company whose quality is certified worldwide on its field.

Grass collection wheel
It extends grass collection capacity.

Technical Specifications* Unit Z 511
Working Width  mm 1600+30
ft.in. 5'3"+1"
Total Width (W) mm 2600
ft.in. 8'6"
Total Lenght (L) mm 4850
ft.in. 15'11"
Total Height (H) mm 1600
ft.in. 5'3"
Pressing Chamber Width mm 460
ft.in  1'6"
Pressing Chamber Height mm 360
ft.in 1'2"
Bale Length mm 30-130
ft.in. 1"-5"
Grass Bale Weight kg 25-35
Ibs 55-77
Straw Bale Weight kg 20-25
Ibs 44-55
Piston Stroke stroke/min 80
Pick up Adjustment adj. Hyd.
Draw Bar Adjustment adj. Hyd.
PTO Rotation rpm 540
Required Power hp 35-90
Total Weight kg 1300
Ibs 2866

* Manufacturer reserves rights to change them without notice.


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