Mistblower Trailed
Trailed type 1000, 1600, 2000 L mistblowers are used for multipurpose plant protection. Mistblowers connected to drawbar of tractor and powered by P.T.O Spraying pump is gettin the power from P.T.O. and deliver the liquid under the pressure to nozzles on the spray fan. Propeller getting drives by PTO provide pressured air release in the field.Release of the pressured air direction cen be adjusted by guide wings. By means of this facility, pressured air can spray effectively each type trees 2 rowed 10-15 meters height as fruit gardens,vineyards and cultivated areas.1000, 1600, 2000 L sprayer tanks are produces from polyethleylene or fiberglass material.All sprayers have a filter system which enables spraying without blocking. There are cartidge filters before tank outler and nozzle inlet, also a sieve at the intake of the tank.By changing angle and direction adjustable spraying nozzle plates, the amount and the direction of the spray can be adjusted. Double-side anti-drip nozzles are standard accessories of sprayers.Cleanable 3 way filter provides healty working conditions during the filling of tank and disinfection.Propeller in the fan system is driven by the 2 speed gearbox.
TAS series trailed mistblowers has;
• Polyethylene tank
• System washing tank
• Hand washing tank apart from main tank supplies clean water
• Painted steel chassis
• High pressure pump
• Manual regülatör
• Adjustable jack
• Width and height adjustable axe
• Level gauge
• Double side brass nozzle with drop switcher
• Automatic filling system with filter that fills into the spraying tank by pumping water from the canal or any source with the suction hose
• Hydraulic mixer is provided to homogeneous checmicals-water mixture
• Drawbar connection
• Low and high speed cycle gearbox
• Speed and angle adjustable propeller
• Stop light
• High volüme flow rate
• Stainless turbo fan
• Durable tubeless wheels to all of terrain conditions
• Protection system against any waste which might come from ground during fan working

Cr-Ni stainless fan unite
Fast removing of remained water on the tank after disinfection
High pressure durabel regulator
Cleanable filter enables homogenous spraying
Protection system againts any waste which might come from ground during fan working
The best quality 3 membrane C71 pump which is manufactured by our factory is the most efficient product of its segment
Cleanable check valve filter
Tubeless tire

Standart Parts

Turbo Chassis
Polyethylene Tank
C145 Pump
Towing Eye
Rotary Wheel
Hand Washing Tank
Pressure Filter
Turbo Nozzle
Check Valve Filter
Fast Filling Hose

Optional Parts

APS 145 Pump
Double Propeller
2 Point Towing Eye
Powder Chemical Mixer
Spray Gun
Ultra Sonic Sensor
Quadrant Level Gauge
Stop Light
Fan Lighting Kit
Tool Box
Technical Specifications* Unit TAS 1000 TAS 1600 TAS 2000
Capacity L 1000 1600 2000
gallon 264 422 528
Total Width (W) mm 1750 1750 1500
ft.in 5'9" 5'9" 4'11"
Total Length (L) mm 3750 4000 4250
ft.in 12'4" 13’1" 13’11"
Total Height (H) mm 1400 1600 1600
ft.in. 4'7" 5'3" 5'3"
Pump Type   membrane C145
Air Flow m³/h 66000
Fan Diameter Ø cm 90
Ø ft.in. 2'11"
Number of Nozzles pcs 8+8 8+8 8+8
Working Width m 10-15 10-15 10-15
ft.in. 32'10" 32'10" 32'10"
Regulator Model   By matic
Pressure Safety Valve   standard
Tank Mixer   standard
Tank Material   fiberglass/polyethylene
PTO Rotation rpm 540
Required Power hp 70-75 80-85 90-95
Total Weight kg 710 820 935
Ibs 1565 1807 2061

* Manufacturer reserves rights to change them without notice.


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