Sesame Seed Drill
SM 24
atespar agricultural equipment machinery

The SM24 Wide Level Disc Harrow & Sesame Seed Drill leaves land level with no dead furrows or ridges. This machine include a 24 disc model that cuts a width of 410 cm SM24 ensures correct cutting action
of the discs without undue pulverization of the top soil. Mounted on the wheels this revolutionary new disc harrow is very simple in design. It throws the dirt always in the same direction, leaving the land perfectly level.
In spring seeding and tillage operation or fall cultivating there is no faster method of doing this work than with a SM24, at less cost per acre. The independently mounted gangs of discs provide the valued advantage of flexibility. This allows the discs to penetrate the ground to a uniform depth in both the hollows and on the high spots across the land. The SM24 is two machines in one. It is available with a grain hopper attachment. Use of the attachment speeds up the spring seeding operation and assures the operator of a good cultivating job and seed bed. Standard distance between seed distributors is 17,5 cm. By closing intermediate distributors you can do seeding in bigger row distances.

Technical Specifications* Unit SM24 SM30 SM36
Number of Disc pcs 24 30 36
Total Width (W) mm 6500 7500 8500 21'4" 24'7" 27'11"
Total Length (L) mm 3700 3700 3700  12'2" 12'2" 12'2"
Total Height (H) mm 1240 1240 1240 4' 4' 4'
Working Depth mm 5-150 5-150 5-150 13/64"-6" 13/64"-6" 13/64"-6"
Working Width (L1) mm 4100 5100 6100 13'5" 16'9" 20'
Distance Between Sowing Feet (B) mm 175 175 175 7" 7" 7"
Total Seed Hopper Capacity lt 430 530 640
gallon 114 140 169
Disc Diameter mm 510 510 510 20" 20" 20"
Wheel Dimensions   750x16 750x16 750x16
Required Power hp 75-85 85-100 90-110
Weight kg 1230 1700 1980
Ibs 2711 3747 4365

* Manufacturer reserves rights to change them without notice.


atespar agricultural equipment machinery
atespar agricultural equipment machinery
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