Silage Packaging Machine
AGROMASTER silage packaging machine is able to pack dried/raw products with vacummed/nonvacummed. The target weight should be set via machine touch screen.
· With respect to desired package dimensions, the operator can adjust the height of transfer conveyor and sealing unit.
· Through easy to use and understandable screen, you can adjust the desired settings yourself.
· Double sealing line ensures vacuumed bag life time.
· Adjustable transfer conveyor height.
· Each function should be triggered manually with functions on screen to check functionality.
· PLC based high accuracy weighing system.
· Optional bag closing functionality such as sewing machine, metal crimp.
· Automatic feeding conveyor.
· Premixing and storage bunker.
· Led lights.
Packaged Products
· Corn                              
· Corn Silage                   
· Beet Pulp
· Vetch Silage
· Roughage
· Pellet
· Potato Pulp
· Fertilizer
· Vegatable Vaste
Technical Specifications* VPS5025
Power Consumption 9 Kwh (380V-50hZ)
Air Consumption 230 L/Min. 6 Bar
Vacuum Power  1.1 Kw Filtered Vacuum
Filling Weight Range 25-50 kg
Filling Accuracy +/- 150 gr
Product Supply System 1,1 Kw Two Speed Automatic Band
Capacity 9 H (50 kg) - 4.5 H (25 kg)

* Manufacturer reserves rights to change them without notice.

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