Mounted type 600, 800, 1000 L field sprayers are used for multipurpose plant protection.Sprayers are connected to the three point linkage of tractor and powered by P.T.O.With those sprayers all kinds of field crops could be sprayed. By means of TeeJET or conical nozzles on booms, destruction of weeds and diseases which are affecting the health of plants like ; wheat, barley, sorghum, corn, canola, raps, cotton, sugar beet, sunflower etc. Is prevented.600, 800, 1000 L sprayer tanks are produces from polyethleylene or fiberglass material.Sprayer booms are produced in lenghts 8,10,12 m.Boom sprayers are optimum for plant protection process such as herbicide, perticide, fungicide etc. Also for the sprayers, hoses and spray guns are attachable.
F series mounted semi-hydraulic model field sprayers has;
• Polyethylene tank
• Hand washing tank apart from main tank supplies clean water
• Painted steel chassis
• High pressure pump
• Manual regulator
• 5 partition boom support
• Automatic filling system with filter that fills into the spraying tank by pumping water from the canal or any source with the suction hose
• Hydraulic mixer is provided to homogeneous checmicals-water mixture
• 3 point connection
• Easy fix nozzles; Long-lasting and cleanable nozzle provides homogeneus disinfection. According to demand, TeeJet and brass nozzles can be fixed to sprayer booms
• Hydraulic height adjustment

• Hydraulic hoses and easy connections

Lock System with tension spring provides proper opening and closing of booms
Tank Lid
Fast Filler
Homogen and sensitive disinfection
Long-lasting and cleanable nozzle provides homogeneus disinfection
Hand washing tank apart from main tank supplies clean water
The best quality 3 membrane C71 pump which is manufactured by our factory is the most efficient
Cleanable filter enables homogenous spraying
Cleanable filter enables homogenous spraying
Standart Parts
Polyethylene Depo
C96 Pump
OPR 40-3 Regulator
Brass Nozzle
Pressure Filter
Hand Washing Tank Kit
Fast Filling Hose
Adjustable height lift
Optional Parts
Curtain Spray Nozzle
Triple Curtain Spray Nozle
Powder Chemical Mixer
Chrome Pipe
Low Pressure Pump
Trace Marker Kit
Spray Gun Kit
Hose Reel Kit
Transparent Level Gauge Kit
Tank Outlet Valve


Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications* Unit F 600 YH F 800 YH F 1000 YH
Capacity  L 600 800 100
Gallon 158 211 264
Width without boom (W) mm 1350 1480 1480  4'5" 4'10" 4'10"
Lenght without boom (L) mm 1000 1030 1030 3'3" 3'5" 3'5"
Total Height (H) mm 2170 2170 2170 7'1" 7'1" 7'1"
Pump Type   membrane
Boom Length m 8-12 26'-39'
Number of regulator outlet pcs 3-7
Pressure Safety Valve   standart
Tank Mixer   standart
Tank Material   fiberglass/polyethylene
PTO Rotation rpm 540
Required Power km/h 50 60 70
Total Weight kg 250 274 285
Ibs 551 604 628

Technical Specifications* Unit BOOM
Working Width  m 8 10 12  26'3" 32'10" 39'4"
Total Width (W) m 2130 2130 2700 6'12" 6'12" 8'10"
Total Length (L) m 1180 1210 1210 3'10" 3'12" 3'12"
Boom Type   mechanical
Number of the nozzles pcs 16 20 24
Nozzle Type   Conical/TeeJet
Distance between Nozzle cm 50 1'8"
Height mm 380 380 380 1'3" 1'3" 1'3"
Weight kg 35 41 63
Ibs 77 90 138
* Manufacturer reserves rights to change them without notice.